Minkys Aftercare Products Shop-in-a-Box

Minkys Aftercare Products Shop-in-a-Box

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Minkys Aftercare Product (MAP) Retail Display  “Shop-In-A-Box”. Minkys Shop-in-the-Box is a beautiful, compact display for clients to see Minkys Aftercare Product (MAP). PLUS, it creates a nice way to open a conversation about lash aftercare.

Remember, as a professional Lash Artist you should always be discussing lash health with your clients…. every time you see them!

Box includes:

6 Lashampoo (& Brushes)

3 EyesCream

2 EyeLash Gro

2 Luxe Clear Sealer

2 Luxe Black Sealer

2 Max II Mascara

20 Lint-free Eye Patches

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