Minkys EYELash GRO

Minkys EYELash GRO

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EYELash GRO is a proprietary blend that helps you achieve longer, fuller, more beautiful lashes in just 6-8 weeks. EYELash GRO helps condition your eyelashes and promotes the growth of lusher, fuller lashes. EYELash GRO is a natural eyelash enhancing product that does not contain paraben or prostaglandin which can lead to color changes in your eyes and skin.

  • Safe to Use With Eyelash Extensions

  • Start Seeing Results in as Little as 6-8 Weeks*

  • Longer-Looking Eyelashes

  • Thicker-Looking Eyelashes

  • Easy Once a Day Application

Function: EYELash GRO aids in strengthening and lengthening your natural lashes.

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